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Corinne Tate, Certified Personal Trainer has been training for 17 years. Corinne has always been active throughout her life, through dance starting at a very young age until now. Corinne’s dream was to be a professional dancer and choreographer. As Corinne became a young adult, she started taking fitness classes and started taking fitness to another level, learning the body and studying anatomy and kinesiology. After learning about the body this bought a whole new light, wanting her to share her knowledge with as many as possible. After following and picking the brains of trainers who inspired and pushed her, this motivated Corinne to get her personal trainer certification. Since Corinne loved dance so much, she knew it had to be part of her training, so she in turn received her certification in Group Exercise which allowed her to teach dance fitness at local gyms. Dance and fitness are two of Corinnes passions and it explodes in her class. Corinnes motto is to KEEP PUSHING AND STAY STRONG, she wants all to keep moving and never to give up. Corinne represents women being powerful and strong.

Train with Corinne, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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“Before Corona I was lucky if I made her classes once a week. The one positive side of this pandemic is that NOW I can get her classes in my living room. I slowly started taking a class here…a class there…felt great after…a little stronger. Started taking class 2 days a week, then 3. Working my way to 4. The results? My bootie looks like 🍑. And my 4 pack is coming in 3…2….”
Natasha T.

“Meeting Corinne has been the best and most fruitful part of my health journey. I had always exercised lightly but was very fearful of fitness classes. I took Corinne’s dance class by chance one day, and the energy was freeing, challenging, and focused. She encouraged me to try her strength and hiit classes. They were incredibly tough but over just a short few week span, I noticed myself being able to accomplish more.”

“Corinne is EVERYTHING. In the eight years that I’ve “followed” her, she has never faltered on her commitment to her students and work. Her genuine passion and dedication echo in the assortment of meticulously and thoughtfully crafted classes. As someone who likes variety, I’m never bored even though her classes are the only ones I (care to) take.”

“Corinne Tate is an amazing, versatile, talented fitness and dance guru coach. I moved from Philadelphia to New York a year ago and fitness/wellness was at the forefront of my mind as this is extremely important to me because I am singer/songwriter. I have very high standards when it comes to this and when I joined NYHRC and starting taking Corinne’s Boot Camp, Zumba, and Hip Hop Classes I was blown away and felt at home immediately. Attending her classes quickly became the highlight of my long work day.”
Rosemary F

“I started training with Corinne after I hurt my back again. She worked with me to understand my strength and weakness to build a program that work for me. She always manages to make each workout different and challenging regardless and the equipment you have available. She is truly incredible and I have never been more fit.”

“Corinne is the BEST fitness instructor out there!! She’s always looking to make you work hard and challenging you every step of the way but the results speak for themselves. Not only did her training transform my body, she changed my life!! I love her positive energy, her tough routines, the dance moves and the amazing music. Nothing beats training with Corinne! “
Lucy M.

“Thank goodness I summoned the courage to enter Corinne’s classes in 2019. I had always seen her “crew” but never believed I could keep pace. Not true- there’s a place for all! Corinne’s core curriculum and Zumba/dance classes are challenging and motivating, whether at the gym or on Zoom. Moreover, they are fun and I become a sweaty, hot mess :); as I expect from my workouts. Throughout the pandemic Corinne’s classes have been a lifesaver- keeping me sane, active, in shape and “Covid neutral”. TYVM Corinne and here’s to 2021.”

“My workouts are the favorite part of my day and have sustained me through this challenging time. Having virtual classes has been amazing as I have been in a rural part of Texas for the pandemic – I still feel like I have my New York City gym with Corinne! The mix of cardio conditioning and strength training really give me what I need. I love how Corinne is so receptive to feedback and incorporates things we ask her to.”